With his glistening pecs and disarming smile, Matthew McConaughey is certainly one of the most desired men on the planet. But when the silver-screen superstar, who is often photographed sweaty and shirtless, tells the ladies he doesn’t wear deodorant, that may turn some admirers away.

So, the folks at Axe deodorant and body spray have written an open letter to the We Are Marshall star offering up some help for the first-time father-to-be:

"We know that you already have a stunning girl in Camila Alves," the letter reads. "But in a survey we recently conducted, nearly 9 out of 10 girls (89 percent) told us that they would turn down a guy because he smelled bad — no matter how in-shape or successful he is. We read in the Sunday Times (UK) that you ‘never use deodorant’ and we sure want you to keep Camila around, so we’ve enclosed a one year supply of the new AXE Bullet, the first pocket-sized deodorant bodyspray for guys. We know that you’re always on-the-go and like to travel light, so this handy little gadget should fit perfectly into your active lifestyle."

Whether or not Matteo has decided to use the year’s supply of Axe has yet to be announced.

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