Veteran anchor and interviewer, Diane Sawyer, confirmed on Monday that Friday will be her last day on ABC’s Good Morning America.

“I hope you celebrate with us this week, laugh with us this week,” Diane told viewers Monday.

Her co-anchor Robin Roberts asked, “You’re really giving up your day job, after all this time? It is so difficult…Thank you. We’re going to do all things just like you this week, we’re going to have fun, we’re going to look back.”

ABC hasn’t named Diane’s GMA replacement but there’s talk that George Stephanopoulos will step into her shoes.

After filming 2,881 editions of GMA, Diane will take a week off before becoming the anchor of the ABC World News on Dec. 21, where she’ll replace Charles Gibson.

“It is amazing, I think to all of us, what we’ve been able to see you do on this show,” co-anchor Chris Cuomo said later in the show, when the all the presenters sat around to honor her. “It really matters. It makes us all proud.”

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