Their controversial weekend holed up inside P. Diddy‘s Miami mansion has caused many to speculate that Chris Brown and Rihanna are trying to mend their battered relationship, after Chris allegedly assaulted his girlfriend weeks ago on Grammys night, and it seems at least one of them is ready to tell the world all about it.


While Rihanna definitely wanted to avoid cameras by staying inside all weekend, Chris was another story, jetskiing around the house and heading to the studio to record.


According to a new report, Chris seems to have been so desperate to prove that he and RiRi are working things out that he may have even called a photographer on Saturday night to tip him off that the couple would be going out.


Fortunately for Rihanna, security kept the cameras away, that night. However the couple wasn’t so lucky last night as they left Miami Beach. The controversial duo were spotted Sunday night at Miami International Airport, covering their faces as they boarded a private jet. They arrived in L.A. this morning.


Chris is set to be arraigned on Thursday as a result of the Feb. 8 bust-up with Rihanna, but due to a potential lack of evidence, the date might be postponed.

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