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Distance is tough for young lovers. So how do celebrity couples minimize the miles between them? They take a plane in the middle of the night from France to London, of course. At least that’s what Harry Styles reportedly did to spend time with his rumored sweetheart, Kendall Jenner.

According to Perez Hilton, Harry Styles was in France for the NRJ Music Awards while Kendall Jenner was in London. After he was through with his appearance, he apparently jumped on a plane and ended up at the door of Kendall’s hotel. At what time, you ask? Around 2 a.m.!

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Real quick question: Do you randomly fly from country to country to see your close pal, or is it usually for someone a little, shall we say, special?

Love is in the air, (literally!) folks! But to be clear, this relationship has not been confirmed. Although, a photoshoot of the two of them together would be adorable.

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