Mad Men beauty January Jones has been making headlines with her interview in the November issue of GQ, not just because she doesn’t have many nice things to say about an ex-boyfriend whose name might rhyme with Bashton Butcher, but also because she’s almost upstaged on the magazine’s cover by her very bountiful bosom. Alas, a new report claims that all may not be what it seems.

According to sources quoted in the New York Post, some believe that January’s chest appears to have been given a bit of help by Dr. Photoshop.

“They definitely did some significant retouching,” the Post‘s source says. “It’s just par for the course these days with cover shoots.”

But GQ is sticking by their guns. “Yes, they’re real. And they’re spectacular,” photo editor Dora Samo writes in a post on the magazine’s website. Samo explains that photographer Terry Richardson “likes to work with harder lighting, and that can create a stronger shadow — that, and body position and perspective could give the illusion that her breasts are bigger.”

In short, says Samo, “January Jones needed no help. Trust me.”

Not convinced? Head over to to see more pics and judge for yourself.

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