A new report from Page Six this morning would have readers believe Jennifer Aniston is still so affected by her famous ex that she burst into tears in her trailer. According to the story’s source, while filming in NYC,  a teary Jen told an assistant that a scene “reminded her of Brad Pitt.”

The alleged crying incident occurred a few weeks ago, when Jen was late coming out of her trailer on the set of The Bounty with Gerard Butler. The source tells the gossip column that when an assistant went to get Jen, she was in tears and said, “I need a moment. This scene reminds me of Brad and me.”

Even beyond her alleged Brad breakdown, Page Six goes on quote an insider who says, “While she enjoyed flirting with Gerard on set and put a brave face on every day, privately she is still very fragile.”

However Jen’s rep, Stephen Huvane, is having none of it — she says the crying story is “ridiculous . . . it never happened.”

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