No stranger to having familial troubles unfold and scrutinized in the media, Dina Lohan had some pearls of wisdom to share with Tish Cyrus in the wake of her daughter Miley‘s Vanity Fair photo scandal.

"I don’t know Miley’s mom, but stay strong Stay strong, keep your head up," Dina tells at the Mingling Moms Awards.

Calling Miley, 15, "talented," Dina adds it’s important for Tish not to forget her role as a mother first and foremost.

"Stay focused and be her mom," she says.

Dina, 45, was named one of Mingling Moms’ Top 20 Long Island Moms and was on-hand at the awards gala to pick up her plaque Tuesday evening — the same day her own daughter, Lindsay, 21, was accused of high-jacketing a student’s $11,000 coat.

Hopefully Dina "stays strong" herself!

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