ABC’s new series Dirty Sexy Money is about a filthy rich, dysfunctional family that doesn’t mind paying someone else to solve their problems. While I couldn’t afford a plane ticket to Tinseltown to attend the series’ premiere party held on the Paramount lot Sunday night, I did spring on the cost of a phone call to an LA-based friend who scored an invite to the night’s festivities.

Sally the Security Guard wasn’t letting anyone without an invite crash the party, with good reason. The cast’s leading ladies were draped in Bvlgari jewelry, one of the night’s sponsors, and dined on veggies, chicken skewers and Mount Gay Rum dirty mojitos. “I hadn’t picked out a dress when I chose my jewelry, so I decided on emeralds because green is pretty classic and goes with almost everything,” said Natalie Zea, who plays unlucky-in-love Darling daughter Karen.  “Apparently, her I.Q. is through the roof," said Natalie of her character. "But I don’t think she ever found too much interest in her intellect, as she never thought it to be terribly sexy. So, instead, she indulges her romantic side, which leads her to a lot of heartache." While the actress is happily involved with ScrubsTravis Schuldt, Karen will be focusing her energy on winning back her former lover, namely the family’s new lawyer Nick George, played by Six Feet Under alum Peter Krause. “She’s been going after nick, in her mind, all her life. Why would it stop now?” Natalie laughed. Gotta love a woman who sets goals!

Dirty Sexy Money premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26, at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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