It looks like the L.A. County District Attorney has finally received the Chris Brown case from the LAPD.

The D.A. received the case today but no decision has been made and that the case is currently under review.

OK! has confirmed from the D.A. that Chris will appear in court tomorrow, but he isn’t exactly losing sleep over it. An eyewitness tells OK! that on Wednesday — the day before his court appearance, Brown spent most of the day and evening laying down tracks for an upcoming album at a Burbank recording studio with some buddies. The night before, he had a midnight rendezvous to the Hollywood Hills home of his on-again girlfriend Rihanna.

A spokeswoman for the DA’s office, Sandi Gibbons, tells OK!, "Tomorrow is an ‘appearance.’ The suspect is required to appear with his attorney. Everything will become crystal clear tomorrow."


No word on whether Rihanna will show tomorrow, however OK! can also confirm that the singer’s security team and assistant pulled up to the Staples Center tonight where the L.A. Clippers are scheduled to play. No word on whether Rihanna was inside the car, but if she was, she’s obviously not sweating bullets about tomorrows court date either.

Brown was arrested for allegedly making criminal threats. Sources say the D.A. will review that allegation as well as felony domestic battery relating to the alleged Feb. 8 showdown.


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