The Hollywood Palladium was full of the friends and family of Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein last night, as those closest to him gathered to pay tribute to their fallen loved one. Lindsay Lohan, Travis Barker, Samantha Ronson and Scott Caan were among those celebrating their friend, along with Adam’s girlfriend, Hayley Wood.

Around 500 people attended the private event, which began in the style of a traditional AA meeting. Adam had been sober since 1997 before relapsing in the days before his death on Aug. 28. Formatted readings were done by some of Adam’s “sponsees” from the program.

Eulogies spoken by his friends revealed the tragic decline his life had taken. His therapist revealed that she “lost” Adam after the plane crash last year, which left him severely burned, and that she wasn’t able to reach him after that. Others also spoke about his slow decline, where he couldn’t figure out how he had lived and his friends had died.

Actor Scott Caan said Adam wanted to continue working and “sharing his music with the world,” and refused to take the advice of friends and family who wanted him to take time off. Within three weeks of the crash, he was back working and taking Xanax to quell his deep fear of flying.

His therapist summarized it best, saying, “He started taking pills. Then the pills started taking pills. Then the pills took him.”

Friends and family said from the stage that Adam had come to them in the last few days before his death to confess his relapse and was making concrete plans to get help, that he was poised to check into a rehab facility the following week.

Brent Bolthouse, the well-known party coordinator, said he met Adam when he lived in a little crack house in Beverly Hills.

“He asked me to help him get sober in 1997 and since then he’s been a fixture in [AA] meetings, ready at any time to help another brother in trouble. We were just a couple of brothers who got sober, fat, skinny, and rich.”

Hayley said that Adam pursued her for almost three years until they moved in together. She recited the lyrics to “Amazing Grace” twice.

“He was my soulmate and now he’s my soul,” she said. “We talked of marriage and children. Every night he’d say to me, ‘Good night, my sweet.’ And every morning he would wake me with toast and juice.”

His best friend and manager, who only went by the initials JB, said that Adam texted him the night he passed. The text read:

“I’m not sure why I’m still here. Please pray that it passes. Please pray for me.”

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