LeRoi Moore, 46, saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band since its inception, passed away yesterday at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center after complications from injuries sustained in a June 30 ATV accident on his farm outside Charlottesville, Va. Band publicist Ambrosia Healy issued a statement saying his death was "unexpected."


The talented musician, known for his jazz-flavored sound and his penchant for wearing sunglasses on stage, had been rehabilitating at his home in L.A.; however he returned to the hospital July 17 due to complications stemming from his injuries.


The Dave Matthews Band played as scheduled last night at the Staples Center in L.A., he had recently joined the rest of the band in L.A., with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones saxophonist Jeff Coffin, who has been filling in for LeRoi during the band’s summer tour.


Although Dave Matthews announced the death of the band’s "dear friend" to the crowd on stage, news of the beloved band member’s death had already spread through the crowd before the show.


LeRoi is quoted on the band’s site as saying: "Jazz is probably my main influence, but at this stage I don’t really consider myself a jazz musician. I have plenty of space to improvise, to try new ideas."



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