There's really nothing Jen can't rock, cupping marks included. 

You probably already noticed that Jennifer Aniston tried out cupping just like girl-of-the-moment, Gwyneth PaltrowNow both celebs are famous for walking red carpets with the circles as their bold back accessories. We'll admit that we're interested in learning what this treatment is all about, especially if both these gorgeous celebs tried it out. But why do they do it? Is it a new spa trend? Was it something more? 

Well, according to an exclusive Hollyscoop article, Jen probably didn't get it done with fertility in mind. 

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If Jennifer Aniston has plans to sport a baby bump with her classic golden tan, well, we're just going to have to wait and hear that from her. Turns out, the leads on the the whole cupping for fertility treatment thing doesn't have enough weight behind it. To address the buzz, Hollyscoop turned to expert Dr. Carl Herbert of Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco, and he told the news source that there are not "quality published studies" on this particular topic.

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Looks like the baby bump/cupping combo isn't the winning guess. 

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