Dominic Purcell may play Wentworth Miller’s brother on Prison Break, but that doesn’t mean the happily married father of four is constantly offering his perennially single co-star any brotherly advice about relationships.’We don’t really talk about that stuff,’ Dominic tells OK!. ‘Went has his eye on some woman, but he didn’t tell me who. He’s a traditionalist. He really wants to settle down, get married, have kids, all that kind of stuff.’ In the meantime, it’s pure drama for these two on the set of their third season of Prison Break, which returns to FOX September 17. Dominic says, ‘Season three is going to be the best season so far; I really mean that.’ After escaping from prison in the states, the convicts find themselves in Panama where the prison system is pretty much a lawless society. Dominic himself would rather be sent to prison in the states, ‘American prisons are like a five- star resort compared to prisons in Panama, Brazil and Colombia.’ When the cast of Prison Break could use a few laughs after a strenuous workday of running from the law, Dominic says Wade Williams is the guy to go to. ‘He is hilarious.’To be sure not to miss anything before the new season, pick up Prison Break, Season 2 DVDs on September 4.By: Alisandra PulitiPhoto Credit: WireImage

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