If those rumors of Brad Pitt being honored with his own museum in his hometown are true, then Springfield, Mo. is about to get some serious star wattage — in the forms of Don Cheadle and George Clooney.

“I would run tours. I would allow myself to be ensconced in wax,” Don tells Extra at the Broadcast Film Critics Awards. “I would do whatever it takes to see that the Brad Pitt Museum is a 100 percent success.”

Good ol’ George won’t go to the lengths Don will, but proudly promises to “pay a good $4.50 to go to that museum.”

The Oscar winner turned up to the award show not for himself — he lost best actor to Daniel Day-Lewis – but to present Don with the first annual Joel Siegel Award and only did so as there were no picket lines at the non-union event.

“I don’t cross picket lines,” the 46-year-old says.

As for the now-defunct Golden Globes, George assures he had nothing to do with the decision to ax the ceremony.

“I certainly don’t call people up and say do anything. I follow my own instincts on those kinds of things.”

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