Don Cheadle gets his yuks at the Traitor premiere in NYC. He stars in the spy thriller in theaters now.

When asked if he has any well-wishes for his Ocean’s costar Matt Damon, who recently welcomed daughter Gia with wife Luciana, Don deadpans “They did?! Is it his? I don’t know.”

Alright, well, Guy Pearce, why should we see your movie?

“It’s an intelligent script that looks at a part of the world and a particular culture that has been shoved in the corner and limited in a way,” the Aussie actor tells me. “Hopefully it’s about broadening one’s perspective.”

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day struts through wearing a barely-there white halter, skintight pants and boots. She’s the friendliest – I really like talking to her. She’s always good time. Where did she get her style inspiration for this potential wardrobe-malfunction-to-be?

“I definitely am a very fearless girl,” she tells me. “I think outside of the box, and I love to take risks. I don’t like wearing anything that anybody else would wear, so I would say my personality creates my outfits. I’m always the little white girl, and I wanted to be more urban and fun. I never wear my hair back, and I wanted to wear the gold hoops and be sassy. Today is my vixen outfit.”

Estelle confesses she’d like to spy on her business manager, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star Jesse Williams tells me he wants to spy on his fiancée before he changes his mind.

“I’d like to spy on somebody in our government – someone in power you don’t have access to in real life aside from through a filtered source,” Jesse says. “Somebody in the new administration – somebody in the Obama administration, probably.” (Wow! Jesse is thinking positively about his presidential pick.)

Traitor is in theaters now.

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