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Spring, what’d we ever do to you? The season disappeared as soon as it came last week, so here on the east coast it’s back to coats and blankets and never leaving your bed. It’s okay. Grab your iPad, cue up the Netflix, and watch some Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Available April 20
A.N.T. Farm: Season 3
Meet Chyna, a gifted young singer who skips ahead to the high school Advanced Natural Talent program, much to the annoyance of fellow prodigies.

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Available April 21
Charlie Countryman
Led to Romania by haunting visions, young American Charlie Countryman falls hard for an alluring cellist whose father has recently died—and whose violent past could bring about his own demise.

Danny Deckchair
A truck driver hatches a novel way to escape his humdrum life: he ties helium-filled balloons to his deck chair and floats into the sky. But a violent thunderstorm sends him hurtling over the Outback, where he lands in a small town.

Gold Rush: Season 3
In this sign-of-the-times reality show, six victims of the economic downturn decide they have a better chance of striking gold than finding new jobs. As a result, the Oregonians soon find themselves in Porcupine Creek, Alaska, panning for ore.

Instructions Not Included
When Acapulco playboy Valentín finds a baby girl on his doorstep, he hightails it across the border to locate the infant’s mother. But when she proves elusive, Valentín unexpectedly begins to develop feelings for the tot.

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Available April 22
30 Days: Seasons 1-3
What better way to give people a crash course in empathy than to have them inhabit somebody else’s life for 30 days? That’s exactly what Super Size Me director and star Morgan Spurlock does on this popular FX Network show. Season 2 opens with “a border-patrolling minuteman” moving in with an undocumented Mexican family and continues with episodes on abortion, New Age healing, prisons (with Spurlock himself spending time behind bars) and more.

Exit Through the Gift Shop
Filmmaker Thierry Guetta’s project to chronicle the underground world of street art takes a fascinating twist when he meets elusive stencil artist Banksy, who turns the project around to film Guetta while he reinvents himself as a street artist.

Freakshow: Season 1
AMC’s Freakshow follows Todd Ray’s quirky family business – the Venice Beach Freakshow. Spectators gather to see truly unique people, specimens and creatures. Normal is relative.

Available April 23
Don Jon
Jon Martello’s romantic exploits are legendary among his friends, but his obsession with online porn saps his enthusiasm for real sex. As he searches for intimacy—or avoids it— Jon meets two women with vital lessons to teach him.

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Switched at Birth: Season 3
In this ABC Family drama series, a pair of unsuspecting teens discover they were accidentally switched at birth, setting off a chain reaction of life-altering changes to the families they’ve always known.

Available April 24
The Benchwarmers
Humiliated as children on the baseball field, a trio of adult friends form a three-man team to take on the top Little League squads, becoming unlikely champions for uncoordinated kids everywhere.

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