He might be a mega millionare real estate mogul who has carved out a spot for himself on reality TV, but neither of those things are what make Donald Trump the most proud – his kids are.


While other rich young things are infamous for drinking, drugging and partying it up, the Donald’s kids – Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka – are known for their business sense, hard-working habits and ambition.


So how did he do it? Donald spoke to momlogic.com and gave these tips for raising "Kick Ass Kids":

1. Be an example. Children watch –and they will emulate what they see.

2. Set the standard high. Challenge is good, and accomplishment creates healthy self-respect.

3. Stress the importance of education, it’s the foundation for success.

4. Let them know they are exceptional, so exceptional results are expected.

5. Exhibit a sense of community through participation and philanthropy. Giving back is a great reward.


We know a few celebrities whose parents could’ve used that advice!

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