Who were Taylor Swift‘s first song-writing inspirations? The mean girls who excluded her from their cliques after the “Romeo and Juliet” singer moved to a new school and didn’t quite fit in.

“That’s where the revenge of writing a song about someone who’s mean to you started,” she tells the Mail on Sunday‘s You magazine.

“It was child’s play back then, but it set this pattern in motion where I’m very nice to everybody, but if you’re horrible to me I’m going to write a song about you and you are not going to like it. That’s how I operate.”

And that policy extends to her boyfriends, exhibit A: Joe Jonas who dumped her via text message and was immortalized in her song “Forever and Always” as a result.

“True. I write songs about people that I date. When you buy my album you are going to find out what I’ve gone through in the past two years,” she tells the British publication.

“And you’ll probably be able to figure out how many break-ups I’ve gone through, how many people I’ve fallen for — it’s very autobiographical.”

How should any prospective suitor handle the top-selling artist?

“If guys don’t want me to write songs about them, they shouldn’t do bad things! And if they’re afraid, going into the relationship, that they’re going to end up having a bad song written about them… Well, then they don’t have the best intentions, do they? It’s a nice weeding-out process.”

Meanwhile, Taylor reveals why she’ll never become a party girl.

“I’ve been given the freedom to do whatever I want,” she states, “I’m 19 — if I want to storm out of the house and go to a club and get drunk and take my clothes off and run naked through Nashville, I can do that.

“I just really would rather not. It’s as simple as that. It’s not like I’ve been beaten down by some corporation that’s forcing me to always behave myself — I just naturally do.

“Sometimes people are fascinated by the fact that I don’t care about partying, almost to the point where they think it’s weird. I think when we get to the point where it’s strange for you to not be stumbling around high on somthing at 19, it’s a warped world.”

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