Thank heaven Saudi Arabia doesn't let women drive—because that would just be plain dangerous!

Unlike the man texting from the hood of a speeding car as it tears down the freeway from Riyadh to Mecca… don't believe us?

You can watch the insane video right here on!

One decidedly reckless man, and his bat sh*t crazy fellow driver decided to challenge the don't text and drive rule recently, and the results were all caught on camera by a fellow motorist.

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The barefoot man is seen sitting cross legged on the hood of the car, clad in a traditional thwab and keffiyah, but texting in a definitely not traditional manner on his Blackberry!

The man appears perfectly at ease throughout, reclining back against the car's windscreen at one point, soaking up the Saudi sunshine as he continues texting.

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As if that isn't reckless enough, he then decides to wave his legs in the air in some kind of bicycle exercise move before semi-climbing onto the roof of the car.

The video was posted onto YouTube, and we are hoping it was some kind of publicity stunt, or it was at least a professional stunt man performing the act.

Either way, please DO NOT try this at home—for all our sakes!

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