What’s better than a shot at love? Twice the opportunity!

That’s what’s going down on MTV’s newest reality dating series, A Double Shot at Love. Tila’s out, and identical sisters, Rikki and Vikki, known as the Ikki Twins, are in.

While it may seem weird that twins are choosing from the same dating pool, filled with 24 men AND women, the gals assured me that it’s the best way for them to agree on who they should be with.

“Vikki has always hated the people I date, and it kind of put a strain on our relationship. So doing this was awesome,” reveals Rikki, who says she’s attracted to the outgoing, adventurous type. “We got to choose together.”

With Vikki preferring someone who is loyal and honest, the girls didn’t find themselves clawing each other’s eyes out over the same potential mate.  

“We didn’t fight over people because we both liked one person,” Vikki shares. “Fighting only came during eliminations and us not agreeing on who should be sent home.”

If there’s any worries that the challenges will be toned down from Tila’s two-time reign on the series, well just toss those thoughts out the window.

“My favorite challenge were these mannequins of me and Rikki dressed with icing and they had to lick it off,” Vikki reminisces. “It very hot. That was a good one for sure.”

And a reason to blow off your diet!

The girls discovered at a young age they were attracted to both sexes. Despite their closeness, they kept their dual bisexuality a secret from one another.

“I liked girls first, but I went for guys for a while, and I never told my sister,” Rikki confesses. “After high school, I found out she kissed a girl, and I said, ‘Seriously, you like girls too? I never knew.’”

The gals insist that they did the show so they could find love. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

“Going into it, I hadn’t dated in a while, so I had a little bit guard up, but you’re never going to find love unless you put your heart out there,” Vikki admits.

The experience seems to have been a good one for the gals.

“I believe a lot of the contestants were genuine,’ Vikki continues. “There were some who weren’t, and they didn’t make it very far. That was really important to Rikki and I If they’re weren’t genuine in finding love, then they had to go.”

And rightfully so!?


A Double Shot at Love premieres Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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