Desperate Housewives star Doug Savant is "devastated" his TV sons have lost their jobs.

Because the hit ABC drama is flashing forward five years in time for the, it means the four adorable sons of Doug and TV wife Felicity Huffman had to be recast for the upcoming fifth season, premiering Sept. 28.

"I was devastated for our children, our kids on the show, [who] learned the first showbiz reality, which is, once you get a job, you’ll ultimately be fired or the show will end and you will lose your job," Doug tells OK! at the ABC party celebrating the new fall season. 

He knows what he’s talking about, as the former Melrose Place star has spent "25 years being an actor."

The Scavo sons will be teenagers once the show resumes this fall.

"We have issues with the boys," Doug reveals. "Their trouble and juvenile delinquency and what that does to our marriage."

In real life, the 44-yera-old says he has a great relationship with his own son Jack, 7, with wife Laura Leighton

"My favorite moment of the summer will be this weekend — a baseball team I’m coaching of 7 and 8 year olds is playing in the Pinto World Series," Doug says. "That accomplishment — that our kids have gone that far — will be my moment of the summer."

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