Dr. Pearlman D. Hicks, uncle and former business partner of
Dr. Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who operated on Kanye West’s mother, Donda,
before her untimely death last week, has spoken out to Extra about the case and
reveals his nephew is not certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

“I’m not sure. I believe he took his boards, but beyond being certified or not I
really don’t know,” he tells Extra. “I would not be surprised if he was not. When
I’ve seen him, I sort of got the feeling he may not think this is such an
important thing.”

The two shared a medical practice in California but terminated their partnership
a decade ago over monetary issues. Dr. Adams wasn’t contributing his share needed
to maintain their practice and Dr. Hicks admits, “I got the feeling he wanted
to be more of a celebrity kind of physician.”

Still, Dr. Hicks says there is no bad blood between the two
and his nephew, who he says can be considered arrogant from time to time, never
faced any lawsuits or grievances during their time together. “I had no
complaints about him. Everyone liked him. He did a good job while he was with

As for accusations that Dr. Adams is responsible for Donda’s
death, Dr. Hicks believes they are just that, since death is one of the known
risks of plastic surgery.

“I’m very shocked to hear these allegations now because until
they’re proven, I don’t really believe them,” he says. “The DUI is something that’s
worrisome, but these other things, I just don’t know about that at all!”

Even if he is innocent, Dr. Hicks believes the allegations have
done enough damage to his nephew’s career to impact his future in plastic surgery.

For more from Dr. Hicks and the case, check out Extra tonight.

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