After giving birth to her nineteenth child prematurely on Dec. 10, Michelle Duggar and her newborn daughter Josie Brooklyn won’t be alone for the holidays as the entire clan plans to move into a home closer to the Arkansas hospital for Christmas, TMZ reports.

According to TMZ, Jim Bob Duggar and his eighteen other children will be welcomed by a compassionate family, who has opened their doors to the entire brood, so that they can visit baby Josie.

Although Josie was due in the Spring, Michelle was forced to deliver early with a C- section due to preeclampsia.

The Duggars would have had to travel over 200 miles to see their new addition, who at one and half pounds is still residing in the Intensive Care Unit, if not for such a generous family, TMZ reports.

Michelle, 43, gave birth to her eighteenth child Jordyn Grace Makiya last December.

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