10 Items or Less is back tonight, and the crew at Greens and Grains grocery store finds themselves held hostage. Could Leslie’s arch-nemesis, Amy, be behind the debauchery? “She just wants to take them down,” says Jennifer Elise Cox, who plays Amy. “She’s the evil, Super Value Mart lady, all up in their business.”

Ah, Jen! I still remember her brilliant performance as Jan Brady in The Brady Bunch parody movie. But not everyone can place Jennifer so quickly. “People are always asking, weren’t you Nellie Oleson, that little girl on Little House on the Prairie? The girl on Step By Step? Maybe American Dreams?” she laughs. “They can’t quite get it right, but they know I was part of a corny TV show.”

Jennifer is definitely a dedicated Brady Bunch fan. “If it’s on, I’m going to watch it,” she says. “I’ve seen so many episodes so many times, I know which one it is in the first five seconds.” And Jennifer appreciates that the character she imitated had the meatiest storylines. “Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz told me, and I hope I don’t get sued for libel, that Eve Plumb was the best actress on the show, that’s why they gave her the dramatic storylines. I love their drama, ‘Greg was smoking!’”

Ah, memories. Catch Jennifer all grown up (can’t you just see Jan Brady as a supermarket manager?) on 10 Items or Less, airing Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 11 p.m. on TBS.

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