You would think cooking for celebs on a daily basis would ruffle some people.

Not Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.

The executive chef of Butter restaurant and lounge in New York City (where Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf tried to reunite with her frenemies over cocktails) is launching her own show, The Cooking Loft, on Food Network this Saturday, and has had a roster of A-listers digging into her dishes.

Leonardo DeCaprio and Matt Damon,” she tossed off nonchalantly when I sat down with her in the cavernous establishment.

The dish they snapped up the most? “The cavatappi pasta with lamb sausage is probably the most popular,” she shared.

For those who adventurous enough in the kitchen to whip a dish worth of Brad Pitt’s taste buds, never fear. It’s one of the dishes Alex’s covers in the pasta-themed episode of her series.

“It’s a yellow tomato sauce with red pepper flakes and rice wine vinegar. It’s little bit unusual sauce,” she shares.

She also has students cooking with her that asks all the pertinent questions along the way.

“It’s interesting for me to learn what people are thinking about,” Alex said. “It’s the conscience question side of show.”

Since we are asking questions, what is the one item Alex thinks everyone, even the stovetop challenged, should have in their kitchen?

“I think you can do pretty much anything if you have a jar of mustard,” she suggested. “You can make a vinaigrette or a thick sauce. You can throw in surprising places, like an omelet or mac and cheese.”

I’ve got a jar of mustard in my fridge!

“The point of the show is that anything is possible your own kitchen,” Alex pointed out.

Even mine!

The Cooking Loft premieres Saturday, Aug. 30 at 9:30 a.m. on the Food Network.

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