Laurie Metcalf is rolling in dough.

She’s starring in the new series, Easy Money as Bobette Buffkin, the loving mom of a family that runs a payday loan shop.

“And we’re filthy rich from it, which you wouldn’t know because we pretend not to own the business to our clientele,” she told me during a visit to the OK! office.

As Bobette, Laurie plays it southern, sassy and sweet. “That’s how she gets her way with everyone,” Laurie says. And while she has love for all her children, her oldest son Morgan is definitely her fave.

“He’s special. They have a really strong bond,” says Laurie.

It’s one that’s so gonna be tested when Morgan uncovers a family secret.

“She’s been protecting of him all these years on not figuring that out. She’s shocked too.”

Intriguing! But even more fascinating? Bobette’s fiery red do!

“My character is based on a real Bobette. [Our show creator] Diane Frolov’s cousin runs a loan business,” Laurie says. “My look is very much based on her.”

One mystery solved, a season’s worth to go!

Easy Money premieres Sunday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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