Martin Mull is usually a TV funnyman, but he’s forgoing a laugh track for his guest appearance tonight on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Series star Tamara Tunie, who hooked me up in the couture department a few months back, gave me the scoop on the episode.

“A very sick baby left in a taxi cab dies. We find out through the investigation that the baby had HIV that had turned into AIDS, and she had been treated by a doctor who is an AIDS denier,” she tells me.

Martin plays the PhD in question. “He doesn’t believe that HIV causes AIDS," Tamara says. "He won’t give an HIV test if someone’s possibly been exposed, or if someone has HIV he doesn’t put him or her on anti- or retro-virals. Ultimately people end up dying.”

Being the forensic specialist on the case, Tamara and Martin do battle – in the courtroom!

“Of course, he’s brought up on charges. I go up against his beliefs and challenges, and I present the facts to the jury to what medical science understands and has been proven about HIV and AIDS.”

Luckily, the actors had a lot more in common to talk about when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“We talked about our children: his two dogs and my one," she laughs. "He’s also an incredible artist. He brought me a book of his work, and it’s really quite phenomenal.”?

Law & Order: SVU airs Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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