It’s only Thursday, but I’m already stocking up tissues for the Lifetime Movie Network’s Sunday night offering, Little Girl Lost.

The movie recounts the true-life story of Delimar Vera, who was kidnapped when she was only 10-days-old.

Scrubs star Judy Reyes plays Luz Cuevas, the mom who refuses to believe that her baby daughter died in a house fire set to hide the crime.

“The firemen and everybody tell her that her baby is killed,” Judy tells me. “she doesn’t believe it. She tells everybody that the fire was set deliberately and that somebody kidnapped this child.”

With little assistance from family and friends, Luz’s forced to get on with her life. That is until a fateful day at a party – six years later.

“She sees a little girl running at a party and when they get face-to-face, it’s like looking in a mirror,” Judy explains.

Like any devoted mom, Luz takes matters (and a strand of hair!) into her own hands to finally prove what she had been saying all along.

Judy did reach out to the real mom who lived through this harrowing experience.

“She was rather shy, and I respected that. She went through a lot,” Judy says.

“But I did get a word with her  when she worked with the producer, and she was very happy with [the movie], so that gave me a lot of satisfaction.”

Us too!

Catch Little Girl Lost, Sunday, Aug. 17 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime Movie Network.

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