Finding Mr. Right is hard. Now add on the fact that you’re healing from beast reconstructive surgery after undergoing a mastectomy. That’s the challenge for Linda (Ricki Lake), an art curator who discovers she’s in the first stages of breast cancer. Linda doesn’t have to go through chemotherapy or radiation, which often leave cancer patients physically drained, but her battle takes its toll emotionally as she fears she’ll never be able to be intimate with a man again. With encouragement from women in her breast cancer survivor support group, Linda jumps back into the dating scene, flirting with boy toys, connecting on the Internet, even recycling old boyfriends. As she deals with unexpected reactions from men and has some much-needed outbursts, Linda finds the confidence to stray from the safe path of finding true love, and learns it’s one of the best parts of her recovery.

Matters of Life and Dating
airs at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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