Ever dreamed on ragging on your mom, on TV no less?

All you need is a mother who has her own show that covers everything from folding fitted sheets and making wigs out of mop heads to meeting a man who loves twine.

On the new series Whatever, Martha!, premiering tonight on Fine Living Network, Alexis Stewart Martha Stewart’s daughter – and her best pal Jennifer Koppelman Hutt get the chance of a lifetime, poking fun at the domestic goddess.

I caught up with the sassy hosts at the series’ premiere party, held on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel in New York City, to find out how they landed such a dream gig.

Doesn’t hurt mom came up with the show concept!

“I don’t know if she knew what she was getting into,” Alexis said with a laugh.  “But she dug the hole.”


"And we dug it deeper," said Jennifer.


The friends, who host a show together on Sirius radio, watch clips from Martha Stewart Living and zing one liners at just about everything, from Martha’s clothing to her unusual guests.

Isn’t it just a little awkward to make fun of your mom?

“It’s done lovingly,” Alexis smartly declared.

“When she does something cool, we totally say it is,” Jennifer added.

The gals even try to copy some of Martha’s projects.

“We made cupcakes and seashell picture frames. Nothing really complicated,” said Jennifer.

“Well, the ribbon rose was complicated,” Alexis pointed out. “It was hard to do quickly.”

Despite the harmless ribbing, both Alexis and Jennifer agree they’ve learned major lessons from Martha.

“Try anything, even if it looks hard,” said Jennifer.

“Never give up,” offered Alexis.

Moms are always good for that.

So is anything off-limits? According to Martha herself, not so much.

“Well, you know, I told them to use common sense,” she told me. “But they’re smart.”

Whatever, Martha! premieres Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. on Fine Living Network.

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