Will Dancing with the Stars have more of an edge next season?

In the wake of ice skater Kristi Yamaguchi‘s seemingly effortless victory last season, ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson admitted to reporters at the Television Critics Association that he hopes there will be more drama and contoversy in the show’s upcoming seventh season.

"It’s good to have controversy," he says. "It’s good to have a little bit more edge, a little bit more competition."

As for Kristi, who nabbed the coveted Mirrorball trophy with partner Mark Ballas, many believed the Olympic gold medalist was at an advantage due to her figure skating days — something Steve was aware of.

While ballroom dancing and figure skating are different, he thinks Kristi’s "skill as an ice skater certainly put [her] out ahead. People weren’t as passionate about an individual competitor as in years past. I think it’s about getting the right casting mix."

The network is still in the middle of signing up stars. The entire cast will be announced in late August on Good Morning America, a month before the hit reality series returns to the air.

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