In a double elimination on Wednesday night, singer Macy Gray and actor Ashley Hamilton were the first to go home on the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

Macy said “I Try” to dance, but her bizarre Viennese waltz and low-scoring cha cha relay dance on Tuesday night clearly baffled viewers. The singer also caused shock in the ballroom, when, after competing, she made an inappropriate comment about losing her dance virginity which was bleeped out of the DWTS broadcast.

Meanwhile, Ashley, who faced the ballroom axe with partner Edyta Sliwinska, laughed that he’ll miss “being employed.” The son of Alana Stewart and former DWTS competitor George Hamilton, Ashley struggled with his foxtrot and finished last in his salsa relay group. Judge Bruno Tonioli criticized him for a “lack of showmanship.”

The Hollywood son joked of his ouster from dancing, “I have to go back to my day job, which is putting tanning oil on my dad’s back where he can’t reach.” Ashley, who works as a comedian and hopes to do more acting, said he doesn’t expect to be asked to dance in a movie unless it’s like “an epileptic on meth.”

His partner Edyta smiled, “You haven’t lost your sense of humor. Thank God!”

And Ashley, 34, told OK! he also lost 15 pounds during the show by dancing while doing the Optimal Cleanse. Edyta followed the diet with him during rehearsals. “By day four or five [of the cleanse] we had all this energy,” Ashley revealed.

Despite that, Ashley revealed that as he had suffered an accident when he was 20, and temporarily lost the use of the left side of his body, he couldn’t master dancing as well as he’d hoped: “We could never really recover how weak that side [of my body] was.”

Edyta said, “We had an amazing run and it’s already a huge step into improving him physically. I mean, he lost 15 pounds, and he moves his body probably the way he never thought he could after the accident.”

And Ashley got kudos from dad George, who was in the audience. “He came and gave me a hug and was like, ‘aw,’ and I was like,’ listen, I’ve been through worse in my life than being eliminated off a dance show,’ so at the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation.”


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