Just in case you didn’t think the Twilight Saga movies were huge enough, it’s just been announced that Eclipse, the third installment of the teen vampire blockbuster, will be available in a super-sized version for IMAX theaters.

Twilight moviegoers will have a whole new way to experience this next installment of the series, with the enhanced image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience putting them IN the movie,” said Richie Fay, Summit Entertainment’s President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution. “The IMAX release puts us on the event film calendar for 2010, and we’re very excited to work with IMAX to bring a new kind of film to the IMAX theatre network.”

And, unlike many films which have gotten an IMAX release Twi-Hards won’t have to wait to see it. The IMAX version will be released on June 30, the same day as the highly anticipated film opens nationwide on regular, puny screens.


“We’re very excited to work with our new partners at Summit Entertainment to transport the very loyal and enthusiastic Twilight fans into the world of the Volturi via The IMAX Experience,” added Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. “With our growing theatre network, we’re poised to take advantage of the rapidly growing fan-base devoted to this dynamic, cutting edge series.”

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