Ed Westwick may be on a hit show and have throngs of teenage girls lusting after him each week, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still get star-struck himself.

Take, for instance, a recent run-in the Gossip Girl star had with soccer stud David Beckham during a party in NYC. The two apparantly met in the bathroom.

"I went to the toilet and there was David Beckham," Westwick told the U.K. Magazine, Reveal. "I couldn’t say anything, I just ran out. A friend tried to persuade me to say ‘Hello’ but I couldn’t do it. It was ridiculous."

Westwick continues, "But I had a Beckham shirt when I was a kid and he was the one I watched growing up."

So, if he ever sees Beckham again, will he introduce himself this time? Not a chance, Ed says.

"I just can’t go up to him. I can’t do it."

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