Gossip Girl’s resident troublemaker, Ed Westwick, stopped by Good Day New York to discuss his much loved CW series, as well as his new role in the film Son of Rambow.

"I’m the protective big brother who eventually realizes his responsibility, Westwick says of his movie role. "I’m very familiar with the whole relationship. I had an older brother who wasn’t always the nicest."

Speaking of not always being the nicest, Ed opened up about playing Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. "Everyone has kind of gotten used to him being this bad kind of person, Ed says, adding, "But he’s redeemed himself in some ways and people have grown to like him."

When it comes to dishing on his own love life, Ed stays mum about who his real main squeeze is, although he is quick to admit that Scarlett Johansson is at the top of his celebrity dating list. "I love her whole style," he says. "She really does it for me."

We wonder who Chuck would pick?

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