The most recent trailer for the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills features a few intense scenes between Eileen Davidson, 56, and her husband Vincent Van Patten, 58. But during an exclusive interview with, Eileen revealed the truth!

She insisted, “Actually that is just a teaser because there is nothing going on in our marriage frankly. We always were and we are [doing fine] right now, yes.” In fact, Eileen pointed out that the hit reality TV show has made her marriage stronger.

“I told Lisa Rinna just a couple months ago: The show is actually really good for my marriage because I appreciate him so much going through all these ups and downs with the ladies,” she explained. “In our instance, it’s making our marriage stronger.”

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Then, why was she crying in the trailer? Eileen set the record straight about that as well.

“I guess you can misconstrue it because it doesn’t really say anything, does it?” she told OK!. “It just has me crying about something, and then it has him saying, ‘You were attacking me.’ But you will just have to look at it to really understand what context it’s in.”

Eileen also doesn’t believe in what some call the “Housewives Curse”—marriages being torn apart by being on the show. “I don’t believe it’s a Housewives curse,” she said. “I think it’s just a certain amount of people who get divorced versus a certain amount of people in the population.”

This new season is set to bring changes, one being that Eileen decided to let fans know more about her. Last time around, Eileen was standoffish with some of the ladies.

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“I just kind of decided since I am doing this show—that last year was just kind of me getting my feet wet and getting started,” Eileen explained. “I felt like I was really kind of guarded because of basically having the wine thrown in my face like my third time I was on the show.”

After watching how she was portrayed and received, Eileen wanted to change it up. “It kind of made me sit back and go, ‘Um, okay?’—I did a lot of observing,” she said. “And this year, I just decided that I was going to let people know more about my personal life, about my life in general, and let people get know me, not just who they think I am because of being an actress.”

RHOBH premieres on Bravo Dec. 1 at 9 PM ET.

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