While many may have thought Tiger Woods‘ wife Elin Nordegren would stay with the golfer to work out their marriage following countless affairs, the Swedish beauty plans to file for divorce and wants sole custody of their two children, Radar Online reports.

Requesting guardianship of both their daughter Sam, 2, and their less than a year old baby Charlie, Nordegren believes that Woods has not done merely enough to save their wedding vows according to Radar Online.

And while Radar Online confirms that police reports show Tiger had prescriptions to Ambien and Vicodin at the time of his now infamous SUV crash while arguing with Elin, his wife sincerely thinks Tiger needs to get help and can’t believe he hasn’t done so yet.

According to Radar Online, Elin has found a different form of help in California-based divorce lawyer Sorell Trope, who is yet to confirm involvement in the custody case.

Since his first mistress Rachel Uchitel came out of the woodwork, almost twenty women total have claimed to have been intimate with Tiger during his marriage.

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