While Adam Lambert may be happy to be invited as a guest and performer on The View on Thursday, he better be prepared for some hassling from host Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

Elisabeth, PopEater reports, is the most excited out of all the lady hosts for Adam’s taping Tuesday for the show. “She can’t wait to bait Adam about his infamous inappropriate performance,” an insider said, adding, “and don’t expect her to pull any punches. She’s going for the kill.”

Adam’s sexually controversial American Music Awards performance is sure to start conservative Elisabeth on a tirade. The host is reportedly upset that Adam’s  appearance will be pre-recorded and aired Thursday instead of following their usual live format.

ABC probably isn’t quite ready to allow Adam to be live—especially in the presence of Elisabeth!

“Elizabeth knows the power of live TV. Remember, it was her live fight with Rosie [O’Donnell] that made her a household name,” a source explained. “She would love to make headlines again by getting into it with Adam.”

Though Adam isn’t on the best of terms with ABC right now, he still may be willing to fight back with Elisabeth.

“Adam has had to deal with people like her all his life,” Adam’s friend said. “If it’s a fight she wants, she’s got it.”

It’s on!

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