Elisabeth Rohm is set to wed entrepreneur fiancé Ron Wooster. She shares the love story of how they met.

“I was borrowing clothes from him to do a talk show when I was departing Law and Order,” she tells me. “I did a lot of talk shows to look back on the good old days of Law and Order, and I was borrowing from him.”

Daughter Easton coos in the background.

“Needless to say, getting fitted by him was quite awkward and hilarious at the time.”

The 35-year-old actress says it was love-at-first-sight.

“He stood out to me, and then relationships grow and mushroom into more profound relationships. The immediate love was really strong for me. I think we’re very much yin-and-yang. We’re classic opposites-attract, and I think it’s a nice balance for both of us.”

What’s the last romantic thing he did for her?

“He cooks gourmet meals for me every night,” she tells me. “He is a great chef, and he keeps me fed, so whether it’s scallops wrapped in bacon … he’s just a really great chef, and since the baby, he’s taken over all chefly duties.”

calls him a “patient and comfortable dad” to Easton.

“He laughs with her,” she says. “He’s good.”

How has motherhood changed her?

“I think it has enormously smoothed out all my wrinkles,” she says. “If I was anxious, I’m not anxious anymore. If I was tense, I’m not tense anymore because I have so much perspective with her.”

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