Elisabeth Rohm is thrilled to be a mom to daughter Easton, four months, whose father is fiancé Ron Wooster.

“She laughs all the time and she’s very expressive,” the actress, 35, tells me while promoting Red Cross program The Dog Days of Summer. “She’s very connected to the people she loves. She’s sitting up. She laughs out loud – squeals, screams with delight. I’m like ‘is that normal?’”

Little Easton named herself, Elisabeth tells me.

“I had a dream one night when I was pregnant,” she tells me. “They say you have very vivid dreams. I had a dream that I was picking her up from my girlfriend’s house and she had watched her for the weekend. I asked her how she was, was she well-behaved, and she said yes, but one catch – she didn’t want me to call her by the name I had given her, which at the time, was Grace. I said ‘really, what does she want to be called?’ Because kids are funny. She told me her name was Easton, and I had to call her Easton all weekend.  I said ‘oh, OK.’ So I talked to my mom in the morning, and I was like ‘this is the funniest dream, this kid is irreverent already.’ And she said ‘I guess your daughter told you what her name is,’ and I said ‘well, I don’t know, I really like Gracie.’ And my mom said ‘I don’t know Liz, I think she told you her name.’”

is gearing up to shoot Mr. Nice this fall in Spain, and little Easton will be along for the ride.
“She’s done quite a bit of traveling already,” she says. “We went to the Edinburgh Film Festival when she was two months old. She’s fantastic. Honestly, people were thanking me when the planes landed because she didn’t cry.”

What’s her secret to traveling with a tot?

“I was told to breastfeed upon departure and arrival because that’s when their ears are popping, so it’s nice that they’re distracted. That’s what I did, and it worked. Once we were up in the air, she didn’t really notice anything. It was takeoff and arrival that causes them discomfort.”

At home, her golden retriever Homer, 4, is adjusting well to the new addition.

“I rescued my dog from a shelter, but really he rescued me when I found him,” she says. “He was the sweetest, the most loyal friend. He gave me such a great friendship when I found him.”

She showers him with toys and sits with him on the floor and talks to him.

“I keep calling him a saint because having a new baby, he has been demoted from kingdom,” she says. “He is now second place to the baby. He’s confirming why I love him so much because it was very much a dog’s house before it became a baby-and-dog house.”

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