The teen years can be tough, and Elizabeth Berkley knows this better than anyone. Now the former Saved By the Bell star is reaching out to troubled teen girls, launching the website, to help girls answer those hard to ask questions.

The bubblegum pink site is a haven from what Berkley calls the "toxic images of perfection" in the media today.

"Young girls and teens need a place where they feel safe to ask questions and come up with solutions together," she says. "They need to know they won’t be judged," says Berkley.

In addition to her hosting duties on Bravo’s hit Step It Up & Dance and her recurring role on CSI: Miami the actress hosts interactive self-empowerment workshops for girls 11 to 18 at schools all over the country. The response has been overwhelming.

"Girls come up to me and tell me they finally feel like someone is hearing them," she says. "It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done."


By Katie Christopher

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