After months of seclusion, taking time to heal privately from the tragic death of their son Jett, John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston came out to celebrate the premiere of their daughter Ella Bleu‘s first ever film debut in Disney’s Old Dogs.

Lucky enough to be starring in a movie with iconic stars such as Robin Williams and both of her actor parents, Ella Bleu finally received her wish to be in a movie with daddy.

Lori Laughlin, from 90210, co-stars alongside the nine-year-old newbie and exclusively revealed to OK! that John took the role only because of what his daughter asked him two days before he received the script,

According to Lori, Ella knew that Will Smith and his son had done a film together and said,”Daddy when I can I do a movie with you?”

Drawing inspiration from Will, Ella, who stars as Marley Greer in the film, was all smiles as she walked down the carpet on Monday and her parents couldn’t have been more thrilled.

John gushed to reporters standing by his beaming daughter, “It’s amazing! We are here for her.”

By Gena Oppenheim

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