Ellen DeGeneres has plenty to smile about these days. The newlywed slash comedienne slash talk show host slash Cover Girl model has had her latest dream come true – to be on the cover or Oprah Winfrey’s magazine!


Last night, Ellen announced the news via her Twitter feed: "Oprah just asked me to be on the cover of O magazine!"


To make things official, while taping the Friday edition of the Ellen DeGeneres Show Oprah made a guest appearance via satellite.


"I have to tell you when I first heard it about this… I thought it was such a fantastic idea," Oprah said. "I was only sorry that I did not think of it myself. So I am calling to officially invite you on the cover of O."


Ellen, who has gone to great lengths to get the attention of the rival host, including phoning HARPO studios on air and putting herself on mock covers, was excited by the offer.


"I can’t believe you’re serious. I am freaking out right now," said Ellen. "My goal is going to be for this to be the biggest selling issue you’ve ever had. I want that to happen."


The two even joked about their wardrobe for the upcoming shoot. 


 "Maybe I’ll wear pants, too," Oprah offered.

"All right," Ellen joked. "They’re comfortable, Oprah."


Ellen will be only the second person to grace the cover alongside Oprah. The first, was Michelle Obama on this April’s issue.


One can only wonder, what will Ellen take on next?

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