Last November, talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres found herself caught up in a dog of a scandal after she gave away Iggy, a puppy she’d adopted, to a family friend, in violation of the adoption agreement. Now, several months later it looks like the daytime chatterbox is attempting to change her canine karma by introducing a new line of pet food!

"We’re tentatively calling it Ellen’s Own," she explains in an interview on "Sort of like Paul Newman’s Own. We’re still working on the name… We have the same birthday, so he does inspire me."

And although the food is "human grade," Ellen admits she doesn’t see herself bellying up to a plate of her pet grub anytime soon. "I have my people taste it first," she jokes. "I have people tasters… I don’t need to eat it yet."

The funny lady also attempts to distance herself from IggyGate, saying, "I was associated with pets long before that, so I don’t think that’s what associated me with pets… Hopefully it will go away. It’s a shame that happened, mainly for the dog."

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