Lars and the Real Girl star Emily Mortimer had a real chicken on her hands on Halloween.

Sort of.

Her son, Samuel, 4, dressed up as “Super Chicken,” an inspired creation that included a Superman cape and real chicken feathers.

“I think 10 chickens must’ve been really mad in the construction of this thing,” Emily tells OK!.

When the costume was deemed too itchy and not well-ventilated, Emily and her husband, actor Alessandro Nivola, got creative. “We converted him into Super Chicken. He got a mask and a Superman cape and he was the hit of Halloween… It’s like we invented this whole new character called Super Chicken. It’s amazing.”

Also amazing — motherhood. The 35-year-old says she was thoroughly surprised at how different parenthood is from what she thought it’d be like , seeing yourself in your child and not feeling good about it.

“This creature comes along and they’re absolutely nothing like you,” she says. “He might as well have been delivered by a stork. I’m allowed to marvel at him and be nothing but proud and feel very boastful every day.”

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