Whether it’s as dimwitted British wannabe gangsta Ali G. or as even more dimwitted Kazhakstani reporter Borat, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has made his name by playing characters who get under the skin of everyone from the average man on the street to celebrities and politicians.

The actor’s latest big-screen buffoon, Eurotrash fashionista Bruno, is no exception. He hasn’t even debuted in theaters, and yet Bruno has already managed to irritate superstar rapper Eminem.

At Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards, Bruno descended from the rafters of the auditorium, sporting angel wings — and not much else. In fact, Bruno’s bare butt was on display for all to see. And as he descended closer and closer to the audience, the winged one alighted on Eminem and his entourage, who seemed none-too-happy to come face-to-face — or rather face-to-butt — with the flamboyant fake.

After swatting away angrily at Bruno, Em and his crew quickly departed their seats and the building, never to return. And immediately, the Internet was abuzz with the question "Was it a set-up?"

Network insiders tell OK! that, while they obviously knew that Cohen had planned to soar down from the rafter, Eminem’s name had never been mentioned as a landing target — and the rapper’s angry reaction was completely genuine. If you listen to the above video closely enough, you can hear him saying, "Are you serious? Get the F– off me!"




In fact, many were probably reminded of Em’s angry exchange with puppet pooch Triumph the Insult Comic Dog during a previous Video Music Awards.

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