Emma Roberts has a lot on her side – including famous relatives like superstar actress Julia Roberts (she’s Emma’s aunt), a successful child acting career and roles in both family-friendly movies like Hotel for Dogs and indie flicks like Lymelife – but don’t ask Lindsay Lohan to line up behind the (almost) 18-year-old starlet any time soon.


In a new interview Emma gives advice on how to successfully move from child roles to more mature movies and characters, and let’s just say she doesn’t think anyone should take a page from Lilo’s book.


"I just think it’s very thin ice you’re walking on, to make the transition from child actor to adolescence. Because, you know, so many people just mess it up, and they do things that are so outrageous."


Hmm, whoever could she mean?


Emma goes on to hold up Anne Hathaway as the perfect example of a young actress moving from Disney movies on to award nominations, and says Lindsay didn’t complete that transition successfully.


"Like, Lindsay Lohan, you still know that she was in Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap, and it’s hard to take her seriously," she admits. "So that’s why I really like –  like, Anne Hathaway is a great example. I think she’s been nominated for so many awards this year. And the fact that she starred in a Disney movie when she was in her teens – a lot of people don’t even know that, I don’t think."


Thanks for clearing that up, Emma.

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