While he might play a promiscuous Lothario of a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, Eric Dane in real life is quite content to stay faithful to his wife, Rebecca Gayheart.


"After five years, I still love sleeping with my wife," he tells Elle in a new interview. And for me, that’s the best option out there."


But aren’t their ladies everywhere willing to see if actually is McSteamy?


"They’re not taking their tops off for me in elevators, man," he admits. "I’m not getting panties thrown at me. There’s no free love anymore."


Speaking of taking tops off, Eric says he’d like to destroy any photo of his with his shirt off, after appearing on "Bad Beach Body" lists.


"I go eat a sandwich for lunch and have a milk shake and miss going to the gym for 10 days, and somebody snaps a picture of me on the beach, and all of a sudden, I’ve lost it," he confesses. "Why do I need to be perfect all the time? I don’t give a s**t. Why should you?"


We don’t, just please, keep taking your shirt off! 

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