Grey’s Anatomy‘s Eric Dane plays "McSteamy", a drop-dead gorgeous, smooth-talking plastic surgeon with an eye for a lot of women. In real life, Dane, 36, has been happily married to actress Rebecca Gayheart for 4 years. The actor, who stars opposite Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in Marley & Me, says he’s figured out the secret to wedded bliss.

"Work. And it’s worth it," he tells "I’m 36 and I’ve found that anything worth having is work. It takes a lot of work to keep your marriage on track but I think it’s incredibly rewarding too."


Dane, who says he prefers to think of "McSteamy," his Grey‘s character, not as a womanizer but as a "careerist who just likes women," says he still has a couple of single friends. But he tends not to understand them as well as he’d like.

"I have a couple of single friends, and their willingness to stay single baffles me," he says. "The issues they have with some of the women they date are so just insignificant to me but so monumental to them. I don’t get it."

In Marley & Me, Wilson and Aniston play a couple who adopt what turns out to be the world’s most unruly dog. Has Dane every owned a dog?

"I’ve actually adopted a dog but it was a fluke," he recalls. "I was walking down the street in L.A. and there was this little Chihuahua with a broken leg. This girl told me that someone had thrown the dog out of a moving car, so I took it and nursed it back to health. My wife thought I was like the sweetest guy in the world for taking that dog in until I told her she had to take care of it."

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