Estelle stars in OK!’s fashion shoot featured in the Angelina Jolie/Katie Holmes/Jennifer Aniston issue on stands now: “The Truth About Which Stars Are Really Pregnant.”  

“I loved it,” the Grammy-winning American Boy singer, 29, tells me. “I wanted to steal one of the Roland Mouret dresses. It was something similar to what Gwyneth Paltrow was wearing at the Oscars recently. It had a great neckline, and the back was all cut out. The cut of the dress was cute. It was ladylike and sexy.”

The London-bred star describes her style as a cross between Grace Jones and Edie Sedgwick. What’s her style tip?

“Wear what makes you look good rather than wear what’s in trend,” she tells me. “If there’s a trend, find a way to make the trend be comfortable rather than wear things just because they say ‘the latest thing is a corset.’ And you know damn well you can’t wear a corset, otherwise you’ll fall over. Don’t go ahead and do that for the sake of fashion. Make it comfortable.”

Any diet secrets?

“I just try to eat way more greens after I’ve eaten potatoes,” Estelle says. “There are some days where I just eat potatoes all day. I’m not one of those ‘oh God, I’ve gotta stay skinny for pictures.’ I don’t care.”

To find out how Estelle’s style has evolved, how Grammy changed her life and get her take on Kanye West’s over-the-top personality, pick up the OK! on newsstands now. Angelina Jolie/Katie Holmes/Jennifer Aniston/
The Truth About Which Stars Are Really Pregnant” is the cover line.

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